A business analysis system that understands the specifics of the transport industry and provides:

  • multivariate analysis of performance indicators of geographically distributed enterprises
  • situation dependent monitoring and control for operational management
  • digitalization control systems, transformation into a full online mode
  • the solution is also relevant for the logistics departments of large holdings

The tasks that the BI solves:

  • Freight and passenger traffic analysis
  • Operational control and timely repair of transport / infrastructure
  • Improving the efficiency of using transport / infrastructure facilities
  • Ensuring traffic safety
  • Compliance with standards and internal regulations
  • Dispatching Monitor
  • Fast emergency management and notification system

Sample screens

Showcase: “Summary Data – Logistics”

Consolidated information on all areas.

Integral indicators of plan execution with functions of decomposition into more detailed data levels with verification of credentials.

Target users: heads of departments and top management.

Showcase: “On the roads today”

Operational indicators for solving dispatch tasks and providing all involved structures with information about the use of transport at the exact moment.

It is the core of the situational-analytical center, resolves operational issues, including critical issues related to logistics.

Analysis of what type of transport and cargo is on the roads: by type of cargo, by the state of transport, by type of transport.

Examples of indicators that are on Showcase:

The number of transport units At the point of departure / arrival, On the way / in the parking lot, Total Vehicle acceleration / deceleration – by type

Showcase: “Transport Efficiency”

Financial and operational indicators to visually display the assessment and increase the efficiency of transport use in an economic and operational context.

Examples of indicators that are on Showcase:

Travel speed under load and without load in directions

Daily mileage


Vehicle acceleration / deceleration

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