Luxms is a one-stop vendor of corporate analytical solutions for big data visualization, high-load analytics, Massively Parallel Processing, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Industrial Internet of Things. We specialize on solving clients’ specific challenges by developing custom applications that fulfill business needs. We serve data-rich companies in telecom, public sector, e-commerce, industrial holdings, retail, banks, etc.


In-house developers


Specialists in resource centers


Successful BI projects
Expertise in migrating BI from legacy solutions as well as in solving specific analytical task that traditional BI couldn’t solve


Years expertise in designing and delivering high-end enterprise solutions

Our history

When we started in 2012, we saw that economics was flooding with data of such volumes and quality that decision-making would become harder and harder. Information pressure on executives would grow with increase of data flows. The term “Digital transformation” was not popular yet, but it was clear that technological power would excel management capabilities without any tools that could do something with those data. We also expected the near death of Gordon Moor’s law which meant that one-node vertically scalable BI systems would not handle the growing data volumes. In 2015-2016 the problem just grew worse with evolution of AI/ML, explosion of IIoT and trend for digitalization. Our target was to provide comfort and speed for executives while working with data. The great job came next that lead to a MPP BI – the fastest and horizontally scalable analytical platform.

Our Strengths

Small company – niche boutique vendor

Client environment survey: understanding deployment goals, data, infrastructure, analysis process

Support in building data-driven culture

Ability to deal with data-rich companies in both public and private sectors