The heads of Luxms VC, Serg Shestakov and Dmitry Dorofeev, made a presentation “Implementation of HighLoad BI on PostgreSQL in the largest corporations: the experience of Luxms VC ” to a wide international audience.
Serg Shestakov, CEO of Luxms VC, spoke about the features of the data-centric architecture, using the example of the high-speed analytical platform MPP BI. He gave examples of high-performance docking with VMware Tanzu Greenplum, Redis and ClickHouse.

Details of the possibilities for integrating PostgreSQL with ClickHouse were disclosed by Ksenia Sumarokova, a developer at Yandex.

The audience was keenly interested in the part of the presentation dealing with the experience of the largest implementations, the business logic of which is based on PostgreSQL – it was regarding the projects implemented in large corporate companies.

Dmitry Dorofeev, Chief Architect of Luxms VC, continued presentation, describing in detail how to “make friends” PostgreSQL and various microservices, and also explained in detail the topic of horizontal scaling using the example of the PosgteSQL cluster deployed on Partoni.