At the beginning of July 2021, Luxms VC took part in testing MPP BI — our own software product for analytics and visualization on big data. Load testing was carried out according to the conditions and methodology put forward by a some large company. It was necessary to test the operation of MPP BI in a single-node configuration (not cluster) for endurance with an increase in the number of users from 2 thousand and when users performed standard actions for visualizing business data – viewing dashboards. The test methodology assumed an increase in the number of users from 2 to 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 thousand competitive sessions. The functional configuration was used: CPU – 36 cores, RAM – 16 GB, HDD – 180 GB, CentOS 7.0, PostgreSQL 11.0.

The results of load testing of MPP BI software in terms of response speed depending on the number of users showed excellent results and are presented in the chart below:

The average response time for simultaneous work from 2 to 8 thousand users did not exceed 15 ms, and the threshold value in the proposed configuration turned out to be more than 8 thousand concurrent users, but even with 9 thousand sessions the average response time was less than 1 second.

It turns out that MPP BI analytical software has once again proven its high performance in a standard single-node configuration. Under high loads we recommend using a cluster architecture with horizontal scaling of the system, which ensures the required system speed under almost any load.