Luxms R&D center delegates joined ICAIT-2018 and presented their research findings comparing a traditional 3-tier architecture with a data-centric 2-tier architecture for data processing.

Here are three main insights:

  1. The era of Gordon Moore’s law is coming to an end: engineers can’t scale CPU power the way they used to. New architecture approaches must be found to process rising tide of data. 
  2. Databases are now empowered with analytical capabilities. But traditional BI tools continue to use databases simply as table data sources and are not able to leverage advanced functionality.
  3. A concept of a data-centric 2-tier architecture with in-database application server demonstrates strong potential as a basis for next generation of analytical systems solving data-intensive tasks.

Luxms BI platform, an analytical engine for decision-making, is a reference implementation of a data-centric 2-tier architecture. Luxms delegates announced the first in the world MPP BI will be released for Greenplum.

ICAIT-2018 was hosted by Aizu University at Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, on November 1-3, 2018.