The company provides a full range of services in freight transportation, passenger transportation, infrastructure. It employs more than 700,000 people with revenues from all activities amounting to $20 billion in 2019.

Use Case

The company operates a complex KPI monitoring and management system across all branches and regions of presence. It encompasses a broad range of business controls including Operating Indicators for all business aspects like operating indicators, financial performance, budget and investment controlling, cost management, HR analytics, motivation model, regulatory compliance tracking, SLA, etc. The challenge was to migrate this system to a more modern analytical environment. Luxms provided a next-generation data-centric BI platform supporting big data analytics, transferred full functionality and enhanced existing user dashboards to provide greater business value.

Tech Details

The project was implemented in 7 months. It covers 9 analytical sections, more than 70 metrics and 5 analytical slices. Data is extracted from the data view on the customer’s side. Access rights for over 650 users are managed through integration with SSO Active Directory.

Dashboard Example