Healthcare Analytical Center is responsible for information and analytics supply for the healthcare management system. It pursues a St. Petersburg City Government informatization policy, supports and monitors data interaction between medical institutions and provides information support to citizens, pharmaceutical and medical workers, as well as supervising authorities.

Use Case

There are over 300 medical organizations across the 5 million people of St Petersburg. With no centralized healthcare analytics each organization was tracking its compliance data on its own. As a result – during the operational meetings it was hard to find a single version of the truth, as chief doctors and health officers reported different numbers. At the request of the Center Luxms designed an analytical solution for healthcare compliance metrics tracking. The solution covers all the main healthcare areas: access to health care, quality of health care, resources of health services, citizens health data, automation of medical organizations, technological monitoring. Features like top performers benchmarking and chief physicians’ dashboards help to improve healthcare services quality in the city.

Tech Details

The solution delivers over 40 datasets automatically aggregating data flows from HL7 FHIR-compatible E-health platform, combining data warehouses and in-memory storage. Access rights differentiation was created for each user or for group of users by regional affiliation and management level. Some interactive charts from the dashboards are published on the Center’s website in the patient section for the authorities and citizens’ control.


The solution has become a centralized analytical system for regional medical organizations, the Healthcare Analytical Center and the public authorities. It has improved transparency and responsiveness of the public healthcare services. Big amounts of data are now aggregated automatically, guaranteeing data integrity for decision-making and clear investment and budgeting processes.

Dashboard Example (in Russian)

Municipal Health Insurer

Dashboards for death-rate monitoring with interactive filtering and drilling down by medical organizations, treatment terms, nosological entities, and age groups.