Rostelecom is one of the largest digital telecom services providers in Russia with over 700 thousand employees, 42 million subscribers and a backbone network running to a total length of 500,000 km.

Use Case

At the beginning of 2018 Rostelecom started a project nicknamed “The owner of the territory”. The main goal was to dramatically improve corporate operations and performance. The idea was that a head of a regional office is not only an engineer, but an owner of the business. These business heads manage their territories and should be involved in growing the territory’s profitability and costs control. As a part of the project Luxms empowered the top management with a consistent monthly B2B/B2C financial performance analytics to drive growth in profitability and client service. Managers got clear dashboards with revenue and expenses, EBITDA, subscriber base and SLA metrics. Now they not only see the snapshot of the state of the business but easily drill-down to the transactional data right in on the dashboard. With visual factor analysis any head of a regional office can analyze his weak points and find areas of growth. Besides the analytics Rostelecom has also implemented a “social competition” between territories through public ratings of best and worst offices and operative tracking of profitability.

Tech Details

The project was implemented in 12 months. It covers 137 objects of control and over 100 analytical metrics including calculated rates. There are more than 100 users of the management level. Through the project Rostelecom has built an integrated storage view of business data from over 130 regional offices and across more than 17 corporate data sources. And then switched to a centralized warehouse on Greenplum. The user interface was customized according business needs, especially there were developed some specific types of visualization.


The company underlines the transformative impact on the whole of their business process. With company-wide visual ratings heads of the regional offices now have an easy way to drive increased profitability, as nobody wants to be the last. They also have quick access to robust analytics combining high-level information, calculated analytical parameters and transactional data that simply couldn’t be supported using Excel. Moreover, by automating their report generation process, Rostelecom is freeing up the time of analysts to help increase their business value.

Dashboard Example