The Almazov National Medical Research Center is a big scientific contributor and healthcare provider in Russia with near 1000 doctors and research officers and almost 1000 hospital beds. Along with medical care delivery and research activities the Center facilitates improvement of healthcare education by developing professional standards and federal state standards for higher education and coordinating the training scientific, medical and nursing staffs.

Use Case

As part of the Russian Government national project for the Development of Healthcare the Center was carrying out functions for monitoring and analysis of death rate by different causes across four regions of Russia including detailed analysis of cardiovascular diseases mortality. The Center did a big job developing the infographics design for death rate statistics, medical hypotheses testing, healthcare resources and standards. While Luxms helped to “vitalize” those infographics displaying them as interactive, «live» dashboards.

Tech Details

The data visualization application was implemented in a year for more then100 active users. The customer provided all relevant information and parameters from a centralized data warehouse. Luxms developed custom visualizations. As a part of the project, we optimized the user interface for displaying on a giant TV walls. Users got access rights according to regional affiliation and their roles and responsibilities.

Dashboard Examples